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10 Tips for a Stunning Garage Conversion

10 Tips for a Stunning Garage Conversion

Our garages often become storage rooms, hoarding
items we now have little use for but converting this space can completely
transform your home.

Whether it gives you a dedicated office, a bigger
kitchen, or an additional bedroom, a stylish garage conversion will afford your
family some much craved extra space. Not to mention, it will add a substantial
amount of value to your South Wales home.

Check If You Need Planning Permission

The work for garage conversions is generally
internal, and therefore does not require planning permission.

However, the rules can vary hugely depending on the
alterations you make to the windows and doors. Therefore, it is always best to
check with your local authority in South Wales before beginning any work.

Consider a Double Story Conversion

If your budget permits, a double story garage
conversion is a stunning addition to the home. A mezzanine works fantastically,
transforming an otherwise dark, unused space into an area your family will love.

Use the bottom story to create a comfortable,
relaxed living area – the perfect annexe for guests to enjoy. This allows
visitors to stay in your home, but have their own slice of privacy.

The top floor can then become the bedroom. Use
large windows to allow natural light to flood into the room, overlooking the
garden if the layout of your garage permits.

Don’t Forget Insulation and Ventilation

If your garage is separate from your main home, it
was likely built with entirely different regulations. If its original purpose
was to house a car, the ventilation and insulation will not be sufficient to
create a living space.

It will be worthwhile to have a professional look
over the room, ensuring the finished product not only looks spectacular but functions

Ensure Consistency

The garage should flow from the main home, with
consistency in the architecture and the styling techniques. Use the same doors
and windows to help blend the conversion, and ensure skirting boards and coving
follow into your new space.

Plan for Natural Light

To create a stunning room, you must contemplate the
light sources. Unfortunately, garages usually have little to no windows, which
does not equate to an ideal living space.

Adding a large glass panel or bi-fold doors that
open onto the garden is an excellent way to incorporate the maximum amount of
natural light.

Create a Utility Room

For smaller garages, a utility room conversion is a
great idea.

A little extra space to put our washing machine,
tumble dryer and other cleaning equipment in is always welcome. Garages are
often connected to the kitchen, making them ideally located for a purpose-built
utility room, with the added bonus that this dedicated area allows you to live
out your Pinterest styling dreams.

Build a Home Gym

Especially in the colder months, a home gym can
make committing to regular exercise much easier.

Gym equipment takes up a surprising amount of
space. You can carefully hide a small set of weights and a yoga mat in another
room, but if you plan to advance to larger pieces of equipment such as a spin
bike or treadmill, a dedicated space is essential.

Transform Into a Playroom

A playroom is another popular option for a garage
transformation. These rooms are often cluttered and filled with mountains of
toys, so having a dedicated space to allow the children to get messy is

Alternatively, those with older children can create
a stylish and cool place for teenagers to hang out – a snug. This can be
designed relatively inexpensively, using bean bags and an overhead projector to
build a relaxed movie room.

Create a New Kitchen

Garages that are connected to your home are often
right next to the original kitchen. This offers an incredible opportunity to
extend and renovate your kitchen, knocking through to create one large open
plan room.

It might be that the floor level of the garage is
slightly lower than the original kitchen, so play around with split level
design ideas before committing to a releveling of the whole area.

Consider a Home Office

The way we all work has changed dramatically over
the past 18 months, and the demand for a home office has never been higher.

Working from our dining room tables is no longer
viable as a long-term plan, and therefore an unused garage creates the perfect
opportunity to build a dedicated office.

Ensure there is plenty of natural light, as a dark
room does not lend itself to productivity. Additionally, consider a
multifunctional space that doubles as a playroom in the evenings and weekends,
to ensure you get the most from your garage conversion.

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