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How To Sell And Move In By Christmas

How To Sell And Move In By Christmas

Moving home can be a lengthy process, sometimes
taking several months. A lot of buyers use Christmas as a self-imposed
deadline, often so they can host the festivities in their new home and start
the new year in their new house.

However, if you’ve still not put your house on the
market then don’t fret, as it’s still entirely possible to sell up and be moved
into a new home in Bridgend and move into a new one in a matter of weeks rather
than months.

Prep Your Property

If you want a quick sale then now is the perfect
time for a clearout, so you can showcase your property in its best light.

At a minimum, it’s a good idea to declutter and
tidy the house and garden. Improving your property’s kerb appeal by cutting the
front lawn and putting a couple of plants out the front can also make a bigger
difference than you might think.

And if any rooms are looking tired or outdated then
a lick of paint could do just the trick. Go for neutral colours too, because
when combined with a room that’s been decluttered, it gives potential buyers a
far clearer idea of how they’ll use the space if they move in.

Get Your Finances In Order

To give yourself the best chance of moving quickly
you’ll need to have everything in place as soon as possible, particularly when
it comes to finances.

Speak to a mortgage broker about how much you can
borrow, and what your options are regarding porting your mortgage. You should
also get your mortgage in principle arranged in plenty of time too.

You’ll also need to have at least three months’
wage slips available, as well as your most recent P60. Another thing you’ll
need to check is that you have instant access to all of your funds, as many
savers will often deposit large amounts of savings into an account that doesn’t
provide instant access in order to get a better interest rate. So make sure
you’re able to access your funds when you need them.

Weigh Up All Offers

If you’re fortunate enough to get multiple offers
on your property then you may have to compromise a little on price in order to
meet your Christmas deadline.

For example, first-time buyers and cash buyers are
ideal when you’re looking for a quick sale, but they might be offering less
than someone else who is part of a lengthy chain.

Ultimately it comes down to how important your
Christmas deadline is, but if it’s absolutely vital to you, then you may have
to accept a slightly lower offer to get the ball rolling quickly.

Make Sure Your Property’s Being Marketed Properly

It’s highly likely that your estate agent will
advertise your home on the major property websites, on their website and social
media too, but it’s worth double-checking that this is the case.

Make sure you have a ‘for sale’ sign put up outside
too, as you never know who might be looking around the area on the off chance
of seeing a place they like on the market.

Basically, you want your property to be seen by as
many people as possible, so when you’re speaking to estate agents, find out how
and where they plan to advertise your home, to ensure it’s getting plenty of

Don’t Cut Corners

Just because you’re in a rush to move into your new
place, don’t allow it to cloud your judgment when it comes to the important

For example, it’s always a good idea to get a
survey carried out on the new property, even if it could mean a slight delay in
completing the purchase.

Surveys can flag up some pretty big issues, so it’s
better to find out about them before you’ve committed to buying a place than
after you’ve moved in.

And on the subject of cutting corners, don’t fall
into the trap of choosing the cheapest solicitor and estate agent to handle
your property transaction. Although it might take some extra time, it’s always
worth speaking to a handful of agents and solicitors to get an idea of their
timescales and their professionalism. After all, it’s important to deal with
professionals that you can trust and who’ll look to meet your deadline, rather
than those who don’t pick up the phone and leave your file on the bottom of a
mountain of case files!

Talk To The Experts

Here at Moving You, we will do our utmost to get
you moved into your new home by Christmas – but you’ll need to get in touch

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